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To help you read sentences

Pour vous aider à lire des phrases

1°) Choose a sentence and follow the suggested method to read it. / Choisissez une phrase et suivez la méthode conseillée pour la lire.

2°) Click on the sentence to check. /Cliquez sur la phrase pour vérifier.

"You should accept this job." - "He is crying because he is afraid."

"The book begins with the death of a journalist." - "Do not forget to brush your teeth."

"What is the lesson about?" - "There were about forty people in the room."

"What about going to the cinema?" - "There are fewer small ads in French newspapers."

"She is a great actress." - "You must admit it."

"Kangaroos live in Australia." - "The pain was awful."

"She was dressed all in black." - "She has already left."

"He has also got a house in London." - "He is always smiling."

"Anybody can come." - "I could not find this book anywhere."

"She was carrying the box under her arm." - "He was sitting in his armchair."

"I am going to spain in August." - "He is sitting at the back of the room."

"Schoolboys often carry their bags on their backs." - "He always has bacon for breakfast."

"Give his ball back to your brother." - "Someone has rung the bell."

"The French flag is blue white and red." - "The teacher was writing on the board."

"I am boiling the baby's milk." - "He has got new football boots."

"The bottle was empty." - "Here is a box of sweets for you."

"He always toasts his bread." - "He broke his arm last year."

"Bring me some books." - "He lives in Great Britain."

"My wife is British." - "How many brothers do you have?"

"They have built a new post-office." - "This church is a very old building."

"Is the fire still burning?" - "Do not worry about me I'll go by bus."

"He is waiting at the bus-stop." - "My mother is always busy."

"But which is your coat?" - "His father is our butcher."

"Butter is better than margarine." - "By the way, where is my pen?"

"Can I take your calendar?" - "What do you call this?"

"Don't bring your camera." - "He's wearing a new cap, isn't he?"

"Be careful not to let them fall." - "Can you carry your suitcase?"

"He caught a cold yesterday." - "She always has cereals for breakfast."

"The teacher wrote on the board with a piece of chalk." - "Here's your change."

"You have to change at Victoria." - "Chicken is cheaper than bacon"

"She will be able to buy chocolate." - "They won't manage to come for Christmas."

"They go to church every Sunday." - "There is a circus in town this week."

"You must leave the classroom." - "The clock struck two."

"Are you washing your clothes?" - "What do you usually do on Sundays?"

"There were grey clouds in the sky." - "When you see the coast, come and tell me."

"Would you buy this coat if you had enough money?" - "I would like some more coffee please."

"I needed coins for the coffee-machine." - "xxx"

"He has not completed his task yet." - "This train is very convenient for me."

"The police station is just round the corner." - "Mum is cooking lunch."

"There must be forty correct answers." - "Correct my pronunciation if it is wrong."

"How much does this computer cost?" - "We live in the country."

"How many countries have you visited?" - "Where are the cows?"

"I like to have cream in my coffee." - "He took eight days to cross the desert."

"Did you have a good crossing?" - "It is a dangerous crossroads."

"He was lost in the crowd."


And more sentences to come if you ask me. / Et d'autres phrases à venir, si vous me le demandez.